Asahina Seirui

Mute Crane Shugenja


Seirui and her twin brother grew up being passed around various family members following the death of their parents.

As children, Seirui was as loud and energetic as her brother, Hirui – until they were passed on to their aunt and uncle in (somewhere nearer the wall?). Her cousins travelled over Crab borders to fight alongside the Crab at the wall; leaving Seirui and Hirui with their aunt; who had very strict ideas of how a young lady of the Crane should act and felt alarmed at the uncouth habits her young niece had picked up.

The two were separated, with Seirui sent to etiquette and dance classes while her brother was allowed to continue playing. She excelled at music, praised by her tutors for her entrancing songs and her natural talent for composition.

Their paths and personalities drifted away from one another in the following years. (Brother) took up an interest in duelling, travelling hours to see his idols training in Kyuden Kakita. He trained by himself, his aunt not willing to pay for him to receive formal training and his family not well-known enough for him to be granted it in return for favour.

It was on one of his journeys to go and watch the duelling in Kyuden Kakita that he was met on the road by a group of duelling students on their way to the same contest. Mocked for his poor-quality blade and lack of skill; Hirui challenged the leader of the group to a duel to defend his honour.
Partly out of spite, partly due to a lack of training; his opponent didn’t pull his first strike, dealing Hirui a mortal blow. Once the news of her brother’s injury reached Seirui; she made the journey to Kyuden Kakita, hopeful that she would reach the city before her brother succumbed to his wound.

On the journey, she prayed to the kami – something she had never done before. The wind around her seemed to pick up, hurrying the carriage to its destination ever faster.
At the sight of her beloved brother on his deathbed, she, desperate to help him, offered the kami anything to save him. Besotted with the matchless beauty of her voice; the kami requested one thing from Seirui – that she would never again speak to anybody but them.

Asahina Seirui

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